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Your property is our business

Effective operation and maintenance of a property contributes to securing your assets, partly by preventing the deterioration of the property's technical standard and partly by facilitating the tenants’ experience of the property as attractive and functional. It takes time, commitment and level of expertise. By placing your property in the hands of Holland Real Esate, you receive a total management service which will protect your investment and enhance its ongoing appreciation.

We provide technical, financial and adminstrative property management. Our services:

- Finding a right tenant for your property. Screening potential tenants for steady employment history, financial situation and credit history.

- Taking care of lease documentation and administration.

- Implementing the necessary measures to correct any defects or deficiencies detected.

- Ordering and following up regular maintenance work. Ensuring that sudden problems are resolved quickly and efficiently.

- Carrying out periodic property inspections.

- Bookkeeping and accounting in accordance with applicable rules, regulations and good business practice.

- Financial/Operational Control & Administration.  Reporting to owners.

- Property tax management.

- Municipal and community charges management.

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